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  • noise
    expr. make a noise in the world, to arouse public talk; make a public sensation.
    Ex. It was pronounced ... the greatest poem of the age, and all anticipated the noise it would make in the great world (Washington Irving).

  • noise
    expr. make noises, to express or indicate (certain feelings, thoughts, or intentions) vocally.
    Ex. General Electric and Alcoa, for example, are making noises about getting into city building (New Scientist).

  • noise
    noise, noun, verb, noised,noising.

  • noise
    noun 1. a sound that is not musical or pleasant; loud or harsh sound.
    Ex. the noise of breaking dishes, the noise of machinery. The noise of thunder kept me awake.
    2. any sound.
    Ex. the little noises in the woods at night, the noise of

  • noise
    v.i. 1. to make a noise or outcry.
    Ex. Noising loud And threatening high (Milton).
    2. to talk publicly or much.

  • noise
    v.t. to spread the news of; report; tell.
    Ex. It was noised about that the company was going out of business. All these saying were noised abroad (Luke 1:65). It is noised he hath a mass of treasure (Shakespeare).

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