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  • light
    adj. 1. easy to carry; not heavy.
    Ex. a light load.
    2. having little weight for its size; of low specific gravity.
    Ex. a light metal. Feathers are light.
    3a. having less than usual or normal weight.
    Ex. Many men wear light

  • light
    adj. 1. having light.
    Ex. the lightest room in the house.
    2. bright; clear.
    Ex. This moonlight night is as light as day.
    3. pale in color; approaching white.
    Ex. light hair, light blue, the light green of larch trees in t

  • light
    adv. in a light manner; lightly.
    Ex. to travel light.

  • light
    expr. bring to light, to reveal; expose.
    Ex. The reporter brought to light bribery in the city government.

  • light
    expr. by (or according to) one's (own) lights, following one's own ideas, intelligence, and conscience in the best way that one knows.
    Ex. In communities like Hull, Mass., the citizens do what they can by their own lights (Newsweek).

  • light
    expr. come to light, to be revealed or exposed.
    Ex. When his prison record came to light, he lost his job.

  • light
    expr. hide one's light under a bushel, to shy from the display of one's own talent; hide one's skills; be too modest.
    Ex. With typical modesty they have hidden their light under a bushel, refusing to brag even to their own people (New York Times).

  • light
    expr. in (the) light of,
    a. because of; considering.
    Ex. In the light of all these facts, what he did was completely right. We would judge in the light of all the circumstances as to whether or not the situation was out of hand (Wall Street

  • light
    expr. light in the head. See under head.

  • light
    expr. light into, (Slang.)
    a. to attack.
    Ex. Then he lit into Congress for its ""passion for economy regardless of the consequences"" (Newsweek).
    b. to scold.
    Ex. The librarian lit into the boys who were making all the noise.

  • light
    expr. light out, (Slang.) to leave suddenly; go away quickly.
    Ex. And so when I couldn't stand it no longer, I lit out (Mark Twain).

  • light
    expr. make light of, to treat as of little importance.
    Ex. Making light of what ought to be serious ... (Jane Austen).

  • light
    expr. see the light (of day),
    a. to be born.
    Ex. The helpless infant sees the light (David Hume).
    b. (Figurative.) to be made public.
    Ex. Had not the doctrines offended France, they had long since seen the light (William Petty).

  • light
    expr. shed (or throw, cast) light on, to make clear; explain.
    Ex. The space age has cast new light on natural radiation initially in the discovery of the Van Allen belts (Harper's).

  • light
    expr. stand in one's own light, to oppose one's own interest; frustrate one's purpose.
    Ex. Even from the first You stood in your own light and darken'd mine (Tennyson).

  • light
    expr. strike a light, to make a light.
    Ex. We had implements to strike a light (Washington Irving).

  • light
    light (1), noun, adjective, verb, lightedorlit,lighting.

  • light
    light (2), adjective, adverb.

  • light
    light (3), intransitive verb, lightedorlit,lighting.
    1. to come down to the ground; alight.
    Ex. He lighted from his horse.
    2. to come down from flight.
    Ex. A bird lighted on the branch.
    3. to come by chance.
    Ex. My ey

  • light
    neon lamp orlight
    a glass tube filled with neon gas and containing two electrodes instead of a filament. When voltage is applied to the electrodes, an electric discharge occurs and the gas glows fiery red.

  • light
    noun 1a. that by which we see; form of radiant energy that acts on the retina of the eye. Light consists of electromagnetic waves that travel at about 186,282 miles per second.
    Ex. The sun gives light to the earth.
    b. a similar form of radia

  • light
    Saint Elmo's fire orlight,St. Elmo's fire.

  • light
    St. Elmo's fire orlight,
    a ball of light, due to a discharge of atmospheric electricity, often seen on masts of ships, towers, and the like; corposant. Also, Saint Elmo's fire or light.

  • light
    v.i. 1. to become light; be lighted up.
    Ex. The sky lights up at dawn.
    2. to take fire; become ignited.
    Ex. Matches light when you scratch them.
    3. (Figurative.) to become bright with animation, eagerness, or happiness.

  • light
    v.t. 1. to cause to give light.
    Ex. She lighted the lamp.
    2. to give light to; fill with light.
    Ex. The room is lighted by six windows.
    3. (Figurative.) to make lively; make bright or clear; brighten.
    Ex. Her face was ligh

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