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Tree in English

  • tree
    adj. treeless.

  • tree
    adj. treelike.

  • tree
    expr. bark up the wrong tree, to pursue the wrong object or use the wrong means to attain it.
    Ex. If you think to run a rig on me, you have made a mistake ... and barked up the wrong tree (Thomas C. Haliburton)

  • tree
    expr. up a tree, (Informal.) in a difficult position.
    Ex. He was deploring the dreadful predicament in which he found himself, a house full of old women ... ""Reg'larly up a tree, by jingo!"" proclaimed the modest boy, who could not face the gentle

  • tree
    noun 1. a large plant with a woody trunk, often having branches and leaves at some distance from the ground and living for more than two years, usually for many years.
    2. any plant that resembles a tree in form or size, such as the banana and plan

  • tree
    rice-paper plant ortree,
    a small tree or shrub of Asia, belonging to the ginseng family, from whose pith rice paper is made. The rice-paper plant has greenish flowers and large, spreading leaves, for which it is often grown as an ornamental.

  • tree
    tree, noun, verb, treed,treeing.

  • tree
    v.i. 1. to take refuge in a tree.
    2. to assume a treelike or branching form.

  • tree
    v.t. 1. to chase up a tree; force to take refuge in a tree.
    Ex. The cat was treed by a dog. The hiker was treed by a bull.
    2. to furnish with a tree (such as a beam, bar, wooden handle).
    Ex. to tree the roof of a coal mine, to tree a s

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