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Equivalent in Bengali বাংলা

Equivalent in Kashmiri कॉशुर

Equivalent in Santali

Equivalent in Telugu తెలుగు

Equivalent in Urdu اُردُو

Equivalent in English

  • equivalent
    adj. 1. equal; the same in value, measure, force, effect, meaning, power, importance, or significance.
    Ex. Nodding your head is equivalent to saying yes.
    (SYN) tantamount.
    2. (Geometry.) equal in extent, but not having the same form.

  • equivalent
    adv. equivalently.

  • equivalent
    equivalent, adjective, noun.

  • equivalent
    noun 1. something equal in value or worth.
    Ex. Five pennies are the equivalent of a nickel. Pay me for the suit or give me its equivalent in trade at your store.
    2. a word, expression, sign, or the like, of equal meaning or import.

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