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Out in Dogri डोगरी

Out in Marathi मराठी

Out in Nepali नेपाली

Out in Tamil தமிழ்

Out in Telugu తెలుగు

Out in Urdu اُردُو

Out in English

  • out
    adj. 1. not in possession or control.
    Ex. the Republicans are out, the Democrats in.
    2. not in use, action, fashion, or existence.
    Ex. The fire is out. Full skirts are out this season.
    3. not correct; in the wrong.
    Ex. He

  • out
    adv. 1. away; forth.
    Ex. The water will rush out. Spread the rug out.
    2. not in or at a position or state.
    Ex. That style went out of fashion. The miners are going out on strike.
    3a. not at home, away from one's office or work.

  • out
    expr. at (or on the) outs, quarreling; disagreeing.
    Ex. to be on the outs with a friend.

  • out
    expr. out and away, beyond all others; by far.
    Ex. This is out and away the warmest day we have had this summer. He is out and away the best player.

  • out
    expr. out for, looking for; trying to get.
    Ex. He is out for the best deal he can get.

  • out
    expr. out of it, (Informal.) left out of what is going on; lacking a sense of being part of the proceedings.
    Ex. The Bishop had never felt so out of it as he did late in July, at the dedication of the new cathedral (New Yorker).

  • out
    expr. out of,
    a. from within.
    Ex. She took a piece of candy out of the box. I sipped some soup out of the bowl.
    b. so as to have left; no longer in.
    Ex. He is out of the house. In another year he will be out of the army.

  • out
    expr. out to, eagerly or determinedly trying to.
    Ex. to be out to show him up.

  • out
    interj. (Archaic.) an exclamation of indignation or reproach.
    Ex. Out upon you!

  • out
    noun 1. outs, people not in office; political party not in power.
    Ex. An internal struggle is now taking place that is more than an effort by the outs to get in (Time).
    2. something wrong.
    3. that which is omitted.
    4. the fact

  • out
    out, adverb, adjective, noun, preposition, interjection, verb.

  • out
    prep. 1. from out; forth from.
    Ex. He went out the door.
    2. (Informal.) out along.
    Ex. Drive out Main Street.

  • out
    v.i. to go or come out; be disclosed.
    Ex. Murder will out.

  • out
    v.t. 1. to put out.
    Ex. Please out the fire.
    2. to be made public; be publicly exposed.
    Ex. The identities of all 355 check floaters will not be made public until next month, but the 24 most flagrant offenders will be outed next week (

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