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Second in English

  • second
    adj. 1. next after the first.
    Ex. the second seat from the front, second prize, the second volume of a book.
    2. below the first; subordinate.
    Ex. second in command, the second officer on a ship.
    3. inferior to the first; next to

  • second
    adv. in the second group, division, rank, etc.; secondly.
    Ex. to speak second.

  • second
    expr. seconds,
    a. articles below first quality.
    Ex. These stockings are seconds and have some slight defects.
    b. an inferior, coarse flour.
    Ex. Some millers sell only seconds.
    c. the bread made from it.
    Ex. His brea

  • second
    noun seconder.

  • second
    noun 1. a person or thing that is second.
    Ex. One sock is here; the second is on the floor.
    2a. a person who supports or aids another; backer.
    Ex. Both explorers were assisted by a second who did the work of keeping up the camp.

  • second
    second (1), adjective, adverb, noun, verb.

  • second
    second (2), noun.
    1. one of the 60 very short, equal periods of time that make up a minute; 1/60 of a minute; 1/3600 of an hour. The time between the ticks of some clocks is a second.
    2. (Figurative.) a very short time; instant; moment.

  • second
    second (3), transitive verb.
    (British.) to transfer temporarily to another assignment, usually without loss of position or security.

  • second
    v.t. 1a. to support; back up; assist (a person or his aims or actions).
    Ex. Deeds must second words when needful (Thomas Arnold).
    b. to attend (a boxer or duelist).
    2. to express approval or support of (a motion, amendment, proposal,

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