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concert in English

  • concert
    adj. 1. used in concerts; for concerts.
    Ex. At the end of the eighteenth century, concert halls as we know them had hardly existed (Harper's).
    2. performing in a concert or concerts.
    Ex. a concert pianist.

  • concert
    concert, noun, adjective, verb.

  • concert
    expr. in concert, all together; in agreement.
    Ex. By acting in concert the little group was able to fight off the wolves.

  • concert
    noun 1a. a musical performance in which several musicians or singers take part.
    Ex. The orchestra gave a concert that lasted two hours.
    b. a musical performance by one musician; recital.
    Ex. A world-famous pianist gave a concert last n

  • concert
    v.i. to arrange a matter or act by agreement with someone.
    Ex. We concerted on the most proper methods for speedily executing the Viceroy's instructions (Horatio Nelson).

  • concert
    v.t. to arrange by agreement; plan or make together.
    Ex. We began to concert measures for his coming on board with secrecy (Daniel Defoe).

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