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  • field
    adj. 1. of or having to do with a field or fields; used in the field.
    2. inhabiting or growing in open country or fields.
    3. (Sports.) of or contested on a field.
    Ex. Athletic events such as polevaulting and discus throwing are called

  • field
    expr. play the field,
    a. to take a broad sphere of action or operation.
    Ex. He played the field academically, obtaining doctorates from several universities.
    b. (U.S. Slang.) to go with many different persons of the opposite sex.

  • field
    expr. take the field, to begin a battle, campaign, game, or other contest.
    Ex. They will ... learn the strength of the rebels, before they dare take the field (Robert Cecil).

  • field
    field, noun, verb, adjective.

  • field
    noun 1. Often, fields. a piece of land with few or no trees; stretch of open land; open country.
    Ex. They rode through forests and fields.
    2. a piece of land used for crops or pasture, usually cleared and enclosed by hedges, fences, boundary

  • field
    v.i. to act as a fielder in baseball, cricket, etc.

  • field
    v.t. 1. (especially in baseball or cricket) to stop or catch (a batted ball) and throw it in.
    2. to send (a player, team, troops, or other individual or group) to the field.
    3. (Informal, Figurative.) to answer skillfully (difficult or cont

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