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hear in Urdu اُردُو

hear in English

  • hear
    adj. hearable.

  • hear
    expr. hear from,
    a. to receive news or information from.
    Ex. Have you heard from your brother in Los Angeles?
    b. to receive a reprimand from.
    Ex. If those louts up at the castle neglected to have dinner ready ... they would hear

  • hear
    expr. hear out, to listen to till the end.
    Ex. There was an agreement between us that you should hear me out (Benjamin Jowett).

  • hear
    expr. let's hear it for, (U.S. Informal.) let's cheer or applaud.
    Ex. The leader ... is on his toes, up and down, flinging himself about and saying, ""Let's hear it for President George Meany"" (Harper's).

  • hear
    expr. not hear of, not listen to, think of, agree to, or allow.
    Ex. The landlord would not hear of reducing the tenant's rent.

  • hear
    hear, verb, heard,hearing,interjection.

  • hear
    interj. hear! hear! (Especially British.) shouts of approval; cheering.
    Ex. One Noble Lord or Honorable Member asking a question ... amid cries of hear! hear! (James Russell Lowell).

  • hear
    noun hearer.

  • hear
    v.i. 1. to be able to take in a sound or sounds through the ear.
    Ex. He cannot hear well. Can fishes hear?
    2. to listen; give ear; hearken.
    Ex. The town crier shouted, ""Hear ye!""
    3. to be told; receive news or information. <

  • hear
    v.t. 1. to take in a sound or sounds through the ear.
    Ex. to hear voices, to hear a bell. Can you hear my watch tick?
    2. to listen to; give ear to; hearken to.
    Ex. You must hear what he has to say. I will not retreat a single inch; and

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