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  • horse
    adj. horselike.

  • horse
    adj. 1. of or having to do with a horse or horses.
    Ex. a horse collar, a horse show.
    2. on a horse or horses.
    Ex. The horse grenadiers were mounted infantry.
    3. large or coarse for its kind.
    Ex. a horse mackerel.

  • horse
    expr. back the wrong horse, (Informal.) to support a losing candidate, cause, or other enterprise.
    Ex. [He] is doubtless well aware that his lack of experience in African politics may mean he will often back the wrong horse (Atlantic).

  • horse
    expr. beat (or flog) a dead horse. See under dead horse.

  • horse
    expr. from the horse's mouth, from the original source; from a well-informed source; from the person in charge.
    Ex. The prophecies were direct relays from the horse's mouth (New York Times).

  • horse
    expr. hold one's horses, (Informal.) to slow down, pause, or be patient.
    Ex. Just hold your horses, boys--he'll come out directly (J. S. Robb).

  • horse
    expr. horse around, (Slang.) to fool around; get into mischief.
    Ex. She never let us horse around and so none of us ever got very clubby with each other (New Yorker).

  • horse
    expr. horse of a different (or another) color, something different.
    Ex. Many lay people believe that if we can put a man on the moon, we can also conquer cancer. Space probes are scientific instruments. Cancer is a horse of a different color (Scien

  • horse
    expr. look a gift horse in the mouth. See under gift horse.

  • horse
    expr. to horse! mount horses! get on horseback!.
    Ex. ""To horse!"" Said Ida, ""home! to horse!"" (Tennyson).

  • horse
    horse, noun, pl.horsesor (collectively)horse,verb, horsed,horsing,adjective.

  • horse
    noun 1. a large, four-legged animal with a flowing mane and tail of long, coarse hair. Horses have been used from very early times to pull loads and carry riders. They have solid hoofs and are herbivorous mammals.
    2. a full-grown male horse; stall

  • horse
    v.i. to mount or go on horseback.

  • horse
    v.t. 1. to provide with a horse or horses.
    2. to put on horseback.
    3a. to set or carry on a person's back.
    b. to carry on one's own back.
    4. to set on a person's back or on a wooden horse or other place of punishment, in order

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