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offensive in Maithili মৈথিলী

offensive in Urdu اُردُو

offensive in English

  • offensive
    adj. 1. giving offense; irritating; annoying; insulting.
    Ex. ""Shut up"" is an offensive remark.
    2. unpleasant; disagreeable; disgusting.
    Ex. Bad eggs have an offensive odor.
    (SYN) displeasing, distasteful.
    3. ready to at

  • offensive
    adv. offensively.

  • offensive
    noun offensiveness.

  • offensive
    noun 1. a position or attitude of attack.
    Ex. The army took the offensive. A boxer on the offensive hits hard and aggressively.
    2. an attack; assault.
    Ex. Our planes bombed the enemy lines on the night before the offensive.

  • offensive
    offensive, adjective, noun.

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