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  • self
    adj. being the same throughout; all of one kind, quality, color, or material.
    (SYN) uniform.
    pron. myself; himself; herself; yourself.
    Ex. a check made payable to self.

  • self
    noun 1. one's own person.
    Ex. his very self, her sweet self.
    2. one's own welfare or interests.
    Ex. It is a good thing to think more of others and less of self. A selfish person puts self first.
    3. the character of a person; nat

  • self
    self, noun, pl.selves,adjective, pronoun, pl.selves,verb.

  • self
    v.t., v.i. to fertilize (a flower) with its own pollen.
    Ex. Several inbred lines from a parent rose are being produced by ""selfing."" Each of these lines will be further selfed (Science News Letter).

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