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  • some
    -some (1),
    (suffix forming adjectives.)
    1. (?added to verbs) tending to ______.
    Ex. Meddlesome = tending to meddle.
    2. (?added to nouns) causing ______.
    Ex. Troublesome = causing trouble.
    3. (?added to adjectives) __

  • some
    -some (2),
    (suffix added to numbers.) a group of ______.
    Ex. Twosome = a group of two. Foursome = a group of four.

  • some
    -some (3),
    (combining form.) ______ body.
    Ex. Chromosome = color body. Ribosome = ribose body. Monosome = single body.

  • some
    adj. 1. certain or particular, but not known or named.
    Ex. Some dogs are large; some dogs are small. Some people sleep more than others. Every nation is fitted ... for some particular employments or manufactures (John Ruskin).
    2. a number of

  • some
    adv. 1. (Informal.) to some degree or extent; somewhat.
    Ex. He is some better today.
    2. (U.S. Informal.) to a great degree or extent.
    Ex. That's going some!

  • some
    expr. and then some, (U.S. Slang.) and a good deal or a great many in addition.
    Ex. ... a Western film which is a Western and then some (Wall Street Journal).

  • some
    some, adjective, pronoun, adverb,

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