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clear in Bengali বাংলা

clear in Tamil தமிழ்

clear in Urdu اُردُو

clear in English

  • clear
    adj. 1a. not cloudy, misty, or hazy; bright; light.
    Ex. a clear day. A clear sky is free of clouds.
    b. bright, lustrous; shining.
    Ex. clear eyes.
    c. serene; calm.
    Ex. His brow grew clear as the blue sky above him (Bulwer-L

  • clear
    adv. 1. in a clear manner.
    2. completely; entirely.
    Ex. The bullet went clear through the door. He climbed clear to the top.

  • clear
    clear, adjective, verb, adverb, noun.

  • clear
    expr. clear away,
    a. to remove to leave a space clear.
    Ex. He cleared away the snow with a shovel.
    b. to disappear; go away.
    Ex. The fog cleared away.
    c. to clear dishes from a table.
    Ex. They cleared away the lunch

  • clear
    expr. clear inwards (or in), (of a ship) to comply with port rules and be free to discharge cargo.
    Ex. The merchant ship began to unload as soon as it finished clearing inwards.

  • clear
    expr. clear off,
    a. to remove something; clear away.
    Ex. to clear off the dust from the furniture.
    b. to be off; leave a place clear.
    Ex. On the sixth it cleared off, and the sun came out bright (Richard H. Dana). He asked the n

  • clear
    expr. clear out,
    a. to make clear by throwing out or emptying.
    Ex. He cleared out his closet. A considerable ejection of ashes occurred, which cleared out the crater (John Phillips).
    b. (Informal.) to go away; leave.
    Ex. The aud

  • clear
    expr. clear outwards, clear out (def. c).

  • clear
    expr. clear the air. See under air (1).

  • clear
    expr. clear up,
    a. to make clear.
    Ex. You can clear up this mixture by passing it through a filter of carbon.
    b. to become clear.
    Ex. Stay indoors until the weather clears up.
    c. to put in order by clearing.
    Ex. to

  • clear
    expr. in the clear,
    a. between the outside parts; in interior measurement.
    Ex. a house thirty feet long, and twenty broad, in the clear.
    b. (Figurative.) free of guilt, blame, or suspicion; innocent.
    Ex. The testimony of the wit

  • clear
    noun clearness.

  • clear
    noun 1. a clear space.
    2. (Badminton.) a stroke that sends the shuttle in a high arc over the opponent's head so that it will fall into the court behind him.
    3. a flour just below the best quality flour and somewhat darker in color. It is u

  • clear
    v.i. 1. to become clear or bright.
    Ex. It rained and then it cleared. So foul a sky clears not without a storm (Shakespeare).
    2. of a ship:
    a. to meet all requirements by port authorities on entering or leaving a port.
    b. to le

  • clear
    v.t. 1a. to make clean and free; get clear; make open.
    Ex. to clear the streets of traffic, to clear a room of people. The pioneer cleared the land of trees. He cleared his throat and began to speak.
    b. to free from entangling contact; untan

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