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  • demand
    demand, verb, noun.

  • demand
    expr. in demand, wanted.
    Ex. Taxicabs are in great demand on rainy days.

  • demand
    expr. on demand, upon request; on being claimed.
    Ex. a note payable on demand.

  • demand
    noun demander.

  • demand
    noun 1. the act of demanding.
    Ex. a demand for a bigger allowance.
    2. a thing demanded.
    3. a claim; requirement.
    Ex. A mother has many demands on her time.
    4a. the desire and ability to buy.
    Ex. Because of the large

  • demand
    v.i. to make a demand; ask.

  • demand
    v.t. 1. to ask for as a right.
    Ex. The prisoner demanded a trial. Teachers demand attention.
    2. to ask for with authority.
    Ex. The policeman demanded the boys' names.
    3. to ask to know or to be told.
    Ex. to demand an answe

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