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  • Digest
    Digest, noun.
    a collection of Roman law compiled in the 500's by order of Emperor Justinian.

  • digest
    digest, verb, noun.

  • digest
    noun 1. a brief statement of what is in a longer book, article, or statement; summary.
    Ex. a digest of law.
    2. a collection of summaries or condensations.
    Ex. a digest of great novels.
    (SYN) compendium.
    3. the product of

  • digest
    v.i. 1. to be digested; undergo digestion.
    Ex. Our food digests slowly.
    2. to digest food.

  • digest
    v.t. 1. to change (food) in the mouth, stomach and intestines so that the body can absorb it.
    Ex. We digest our food slowly. I like milk, but I can't digest it (Newsweek).
    2. to promote the digestion of (food).
    Ex. Cheese is believed t

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