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  • immortal
    adj. 1. living forever; never dying; everlasting.
    Ex. Most churches believe that a man's body dies, but his soul is said to be immortal. The fame of Shakespeare should be immortal.
    (SYN) eternal, endless, unfading, imperishable.
    2. of

  • immortal
    adv. immortally.

  • immortal
    expr. immortals, the gods of ancient Greece and Rome.
    Ex. Never, believe me, appear the immortals ... alone (Samuel Taylor Coleridge).

  • immortal
    immortal, adjective, noun.

  • immortal
    noun 1. an immortal being.
    2. a person remembered or famous forever.
    Ex. Shakespeare is one of the immortals.
    3. Immortal, one of the forty members of the French Academy.
    Ex. Marguerite Yourcenar, a 76-year-old respected French

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