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keel in Marathi मराठी

keel in Urdu اُردُو

keel in English

  • keel
    adj. keelless.

  • keel
    expr. keel over,
    a. to turn over or upside down; upset.
    Ex. The sailboat keeled over in the storm.
    b. to fall or cause to fall over suddenly.
    c. (Informal, Figurative.) to faint.
    Ex. The woman keeled over in the hot sun.

  • keel
    expr. on an even keel,
    a. with the keel level; horizontal.
    Ex. The boat sailed on an even keel in good weather.
    b. (Figurative.) calm; steady; unperturbed.
    Ex. In spite of the fracas, they remained on an even keel.

  • keel
    keel (1), noun, verb.

  • keel
    keel (2), noun.
    a serious disease of ducks; paratyphoid fever.

  • keel
    keel (3), noun.
    1. a barge or lighter used in Yorkshire, England, for loading coal.
    2. the amount of coal carried in a keel.
    3. a unit of weight for coal, equal to 47,488 pounds or 21.2 long tons.

  • keel
    keel (4), noun.
    1. a red ocher used for marking, as for sheep, stone, and timber; ruddle.
    2. a mark made with this.

  • keel
    keel (5),

  • Keel
    Keel, noun. Carina.

  • keel
    noun 1. the main timber or steel piece that extends the whole length of the bottom of a ship or boat. The whole ship is built up on the keel.
    Ex. It has a ballast keel which gives extreme stability and seaworthiness in smooth or choppy water (Newsw

  • keel
    v.i. to become cool or cold.

  • keel
    v.i. to turn upside down.

  • keel
    v.t. to cool, especially to cool (a pot about to boil over) by stirring, skimming, or adding cold liquid.
    Ex. while greasy Joan doth keel the pot (Shakespeare).

  • keel
    v.t. to turn over; upset.

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