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  • paper
    adj. paperlike.

  • paper
    adj. 1. made of paper.
    Ex. a paper napkin or towel.
    2. (Figurative.) like paper; thin or flimsy.
    Ex. almonds with paper shells, paper walls.
    (SYN) frail.
    3. existing only on paper; planned but not carried out.
    Ex. a

  • paper
    expr. commit to paper, to write down.
    Ex. He memorized the message and as soon as he got home committed it to paper.

  • paper
    expr. on paper,
    a. in writing or print.
    Ex. I like your idea. Let's get it down on paper.
    b. in theory.
    Ex. The form of their constitution, as it is on paper, admits not of coercion. But necessity introduced it in practice (Amer

  • paper
    expr. paper over, to smooth over or cover up (a quarrel, disagreement, or the like).
    Ex. The two sides were still able to paper over their differences and agree to a compromise program (Baltimore Sun).

  • paper
    expr. papers,
    a. documents telling who or what one is.
    Ex. My former husband's papers are in the safe.
    b. a ship's papers (the documents of a ship showing where it is registered, who owns it, and other particulars).
    Ex. A fine s

  • paper
    noun paperer.

  • paper
    noun 1a. a material used for writing, printing, drawing, wrapping packages, and covering walls. Paper is made in thin sheets from wood pulp, rags, or straw.
    b. a material like paper, such as papyrus.
    c. a material made from paper pulp, such

  • paper
    paper, noun, adjective, verb.

  • paper
    v.i. to put up wallpaper; wallpaper.

  • paper
    v.t. 1. to cover with wallpaper.
    Ex. to paper a room.
    2. to enclose in or cover with paper.
    3. to supply with or furnish with paper.
    4. to smooth with sandpaper.
    5. to write or set down on paper.
    6. to write about

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