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  • plank
    expr. walk the plank,
    a. to be put to death by being forced to walk off a plank extending from a ship's side over the water. Pirates used to make their prisoners do this.
    Ex. It would have been necessary for Howe and Nelson to make every Fre

  • plank
    noun 1. a long, flat piece of sawed timber, thicker than a board, especially one more than two inches thick and four inches wide.
    Ex. The deck of the sailing ship was made of thick planks.
    2. timber consisting of such pieces; planking.

  • plank
    plank, noun, verb.

  • plank
    v.t. 1. to cover or furnish with planks.
    Ex. to plank a ship's deck.
    2. to cook and serve on a board, often with a decorative border of vegetables and potatoes.
    Ex. planked steak or fish.
    3. (Informal.) to put or set with force.

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