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pop in Sindhi سنڌي

pop in English

  • pop
    adj. 1. (Informal.) popular.
    Ex. pop songs.
    2. Also, Pop. having to do with pop art.
    Ex. pop paintings.
    3. of or having to do with the popular arts and fashions, especially those reflecting the values and mores of the younger ge

  • pop
    adv. with a pop; suddenly.

  • pop
    expr. pop off, (Slang.)
    a. to fall asleep.
    Ex. All I need to do is lie down, and I can pop right off.
    b. to die.
    Ex. I am afraid I shall pop off just when my mind is able to run alone (Keats).
    c. to state loudly as a comp

  • pop
    expr. pop out (or up), to hit a fly ball which is caught by a baseball fielder.
    Ex. to pop out to left field.

  • pop
    noun 1. a popular song or tune.
    2. Also, Pop. =pop art.

  • pop
    noun 1. a short, quick, explosive sound.
    Ex. We heard the pop of a cork.
    2. a shot from a gun or pistol.
    3. a bubbling soft drink.
    Ex. strawberry pop.
    4. a fly ball in baseball that can easily be caught; pop fly.

  • pop
    pop (1), verb, popped,popping,noun, adverb.

  • pop
    pop (2), adjective, noun.

  • pop
    pop (3), noun.
    (Informal.) papa; father.

  • pop
    v.i. 1. to make a short, quick, explosive sound.
    Ex. The firecrackers popped in bunches.
    2. to burst open with a pop.
    Ex. The chestnuts were popping in the fire.
    3. to move, go, or come suddenly or unexpectedly.
    Ex. Our ne

  • pop
    v.t. 1. to thrust or put suddenly.
    Ex. She popped her head through the window.
    2. to put (a question) suddenly.
    3. to cause to make a sudden explosion; cause to burst open with a pop.
    Ex. He popped the balloon.
    4. (U.S.)

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