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star in English

  • star
    adj. brilliant or outstanding; chief; excellent; best; leading.
    Ex. the star player on a football team.

  • star
    expr. see stars, to see flashes of light as a result of a hard blow on one's head.
    Ex. Quicker than thought, in comes his right, and if you only see stars you are pretty lucky (John D. Astley).

  • star
    expr. thank one's (lucky) stars, to be thankful for one's good luck.
    Ex. You may thank your stars, my lad, that I followed Master Barns tonight (Joseph Hatton).

  • star
    expr. with stars in one's eyes, full of idealism or optimism; starry-eyed.
    Ex. The depressing thing to one whose entire ancestry, immediate and remote, is British, and who came to England with stars in his eyes, is the bleakness of the future (Atla

  • star
    noun 1. any one of the heavenly bodies appearing as bright points in the sky at night.
    Ex. There were so many clouds we could not see many stars last night.
    2. any heavenly body that is not a planet, moon, comet, meteor, or nebula. Stars are

  • star
    star, noun, verb, starred,starring,adjective.

  • star
    v.i. 1. to be a leading performer; perform the leading part.
    Ex. She has starred in many motion pictures.
    2. to shine above others; be brilliant or outstanding; excel.

  • star
    v.t. 1. to set, adorn, or ornament with stars; bespangle.
    Ex. Her cards were starred for perfect attendance.
    2. to mark withan asterisk.
    3. to single out for special notice or recommendation.
    4. to give a leading part to (an ac

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