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whack in English

  • whack
    expr. have (or take) a whack at, (Slang.) to make a trial or attempt at.
    Ex. I'd like to have a whack at flying in a glider to see what it's like. Perhaps one should ... take a whack at reducing this appalling catalogue of ignorance (New York Times

  • whack
    expr. in whack, (Slang.) in line; in proper order or condition.
    Ex. Their members ... work toward a solution of the bedevilling problem of keeping prices and incomes in whack (New Yorker).

  • whack
    expr. out of whack, (Slang.)
    a. not in proper condition; disordered.
    Ex. Their stomachs are out of whack (Sinclair Lewis).
    b. out of proper condition; into disorder.
    Ex. The space man's sense of balance would be thrown out of wh

  • whack
    expr. whack out, (Slang.) to perform or produce vigorously.
    Ex. a woman pianist at a concert grand, whacking out Bach as only the gentler sex can (Manchester Guardian Weekly). He has a second contract for six mysteries a year and somehow whacks out

  • whack
    expr. whack up, (Slang.)
    a. to share; divide.
    Ex. to whack up the loot.
    b. to increase.
    Ex. The thinner rural areas will be forced to whack up the tax rates steeply for the distinctly unamused householders left therein (New York

  • whack
    noun whacker.

  • whack
    noun 1. (Informal.)
    a. a sharp, resounding blow.
    b. the sound of this.
    2. (Slang.) a portion, share, or allowance, especially a full share.
    3. wack.

  • whack
    v.t., v.i. 1. to strike with a sharp, resounding blow.
    Ex. The batter whacked the baseball out of the park.
    2. to beat or win in a contest.
    3. (Slang.) to reduce; knock off.
    Ex. Filling stations have whacked as much as a dime off

  • whack
    whack, noun, verb.

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