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  • crop
    adj. cropless.

  • crop
    crop, noun, verb, cropped,cropping.

  • crop
    expr. crop out, to appear or come to the surface.
    Ex. Ridges of white rock crop out all over that hillside. Any wild trait unexpectedly cropping out in any of the domestic animals pleased [Thoreau] immensely (John Burroughs).

  • crop
    expr. crop up, to turn up unexpectedly.
    Ex. Unless you plan carefully, all sorts of difficulties may crop up.

  • crop
    noun 1. plants grown or gathered by people for use, especially as food.
    Ex. Wheat, corn, and cotton are three main crops of the United States.
    2a. the whole amount (of wheat, corn, or the produce of any plant or tree) that is borne in one se

  • crop
    v.i. 1. to plant, cultivate, or yield a crop or crops.
    2. (Mining.) to come to the surface of the ground, as a vein of ore.

  • crop
    v.t. 1. to cut or bite off the top of.
    Ex. Sheep had cropped the grass very short.
    2. to clip or cut short; cut off a part of.
    Ex. a cropped page or picture, a dog with a cropped tail. His hair was cropped in a crew cut.
    3. to c

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