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  • screw
    expr. a screw loose, something out of order.
    Ex. There's a screw loose in your affairs (Dickens).

  • screw
    expr. have a screw loose (or missing), (Slang.) to be crazy or eccentric.
    Ex. When he came across a person who was ""limited intellectually"" he normally referred to him as ""having a screw loose"" (London Times). The musicians had a theory that a

  • screw
    expr. put the screws on, to use pressure or force to get something.
    Ex. Love strains the heartstrings of the human race, and not unfrequently puts the screws on so hard as to snap them asunder (E. G. Paige).

  • screw
    expr. screw up, (Slang.) to make a mess of; do or get all wrong; foul up.
    Ex. The film, like the play, is a heavyweight contest with a couple of bantamweights thrown into the ring to screw things up (Manchester Guardian Weekly).

  • screw
    expr. tighten (or turn) the screws, to apply increased pressure.
    Ex. A government cannot suppress freedom in a foreign country without tightening the screws on its citizens (New York Times).

  • screw
    noun screwer.

  • screw
    noun 1. a kind of nail, with a ridge twisted evenly around its length and usuallya groove across the head.
    Ex. Turn the screw to the right to tighten it.
    2a. a cylinder with a ridge winding around it; external screw. It is a simple machine.

  • screw
    screw, noun, verb.

  • screw
    v.i. 1. to turn like a screw.
    2. to be fitted for being put together or taken apart by a screw or screws.
    3a. to turn with a twisting motion; wind.
    b. to become twisted or turned.
    4. (Figurative.) to force a person to tell or

  • screw
    v.t. 1. to turn as one turns a screw; twist.
    Ex. Screw the lid on the jar.
    2a. to fasten or tighten with a screw or screws.
    Ex. The carpenter screwed the hinges to the door.
    b. to work (a screw) by turning.
    3. to force, p

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