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Law Talking Dictionary

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Law Talking Dictionary is an English to Marathi Legal terminology dictionary that includes the extensive vocabulary of 1,00,000+ words from the legal field along with Marathi meanings, audio pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, word usage sentences, grammar and word references such as Act, section number, legal claws etc.

या विधी शब्दकोशात १ लाखांहून अधिक कायदेविषयक शब्द आहेत. प्रत्येक शब्दासाठी अचूक अर्थ, ध्वनिस्वरुपात उच्चार(इंग्रजी), शब्दाचा वाक्यात उपयोग(शब्दप्रयोग), समानार्थी-विरुद्धार्थी शब्द, शब्दाचा व्युत्पत्ती आणि तसेच व्याकरण इत्यादी माहिती दिलेली आहे.


  • Works Offline (No Internet connection is required).
  • Simple to Download, Install and Use on any Microsoft Windows version.
  • Extensive Vocabulary includes legal, judicial and administrative terminolgies.
  • Multiple meanings of the words as per the different context.
  • Thesaurus includes synonyms and antonyms of the words.
  • Usage phrases and sentences are given to explain the usage of the words.
  • The etymology of the words is given for a better understanding of the origin of the words.
  • Grammar details such as gender, plural, noun, pronoun, tense forms, verbs, adverbs, adjectives etc.
  • Audio PronunciationAmerican (US) and British (UK) English audio with the choice of male and female voices.
  • Talking Dictionary means instead of reading by yourself you can listen to whole description of the words.
  • Book-like Intuitive Graphical-User-Interface (GUI) offers familiar experience of handling traditional booklet dictionary.
  • Screen Shot

    Traditional Book-like Intuitive Graphiacal User Interface of Law Talking Dictionary


    Law Talking Dictionary is useful for you, your family members especially children, law teachers and students, relatives, friends and colleagues who often deals with legal documents while reading, writing, speaking, listening, in the process of translation or while learning, teaching or practicing legal field.

    वाचताना, लिहिताना, बोलताना, ऐकताना किंवा भाषांतर करताना तसेच शिकताना अथवा शिकविताना हा शब्दकोश सर्वांनाच उपयुक्त आहे. विशेषतः वकील, विधी शाखेतील विद्यार्थी / शिक्षक, न्यायाधीश, व्यावसाईक, संस्था आणि ज्यांना कायदा जाणून घ्यायचा आहे अशा सर्वांनाच अत्यंत उपयुक्त आहे.

    *** Law Talking Dictionary is highly recommended for the students and teachers of law, professionals of legal field, and also for the candidates who are preparing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Graduate Record Examinations(GRE), Test of English as Foreign Language(TOEFL) or The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) or The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) like any other competitive examinations or taking courses of Spoken English or English Speaking or learning language as a hobby or enrolled in higher education with English language as a medium of education. ***


  • Microsoft Windows (All Versions)
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  • Easy Step-by-step guide about How to 1.Download 2.Install 3.Use included.

  • Video Tutorial: How to Install Khandbahale Dictionary?
  • Video Tutorial: How to Use Khandbahale Dictionary?
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    Law Talking Dictionary

    Download File Size : 20.3 MB

    Price : INR 599.00 | USD 8.50

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