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dull in Nepali नेपाली

dull in Tamil தமிழ்

dull in English

  • dull
    adj. 1. not sharp or pointed; blunt.
    Ex. It is hard to cut with a dull knife.
    2. not bright or clear; lacking in vividness, brightness, or intensity.
    Ex. a dull sound, a dull green, a dull day of rain.
    (SYN) obscure, dim, indist

  • dull
    dull, adjective, verb.

  • dull
    noun dullness, dulness.

  • dull
    v.i. to become dull.
    Ex. This cheap knife dulls very easily.

  • dull
    v.t. to make dull.
    Ex. Chopping wood dulled the ax. (Figurative.) Men have dulled their eyes with sin (Henry Van Dyke).

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