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heap in Urdu اُردُو

heap in English

  • heap
    heap, noun, verb.

  • heap
    noun heaper.

  • heap
    noun 1. a pile of many things thrown or lying together.
    Ex. a heap of stones, a sand heap.
    (SYN) mass, stack, accumulation.
    2. (Informal.) a large amount; a lot; multitude.
    Ex. a heap of trouble. It did me a heap of good to see

  • heap
    v.i. to become heaped or piled; rise in a heap or heaps.
    Ex. Snow heaped against the fence.

  • heap
    v.t. 1. to form into a heap; gather in heaps;amass; accumulate.
    Ex. She heaped the dirty clothes next to the washing machine.
    2. to give generously or in large amounts.
    Ex. The man heaped praise on his friends.
    3. to fill full o

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