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ice in English

  • ice
    adj. icelike.

  • ice
    adj. of ice; having to do with ice.
    Ex. an ice crystal.

  • ice
    expr. break the ice,
    a. to make a beginning; start something dangerous or difficult.
    Ex. ... to be the first to break the ice of the enterprise (Thomas North).
    b. to overcome first difficulties in talking or getting acquainted.

  • ice
    expr. cut (much, any, or no) ice, (Informal.) to have (much, any, or no) effect; make (much, any, or no) difference.
    Ex. Present power cuts more ice in diplomatic relations than past virtue (Manchester Guardian Weekly). The big expensive car cuts n

  • ice
    expr. ice out, to ignore or exclude socially.
    Ex. It [Washington] is not a big city, and when a lady is down and out and getting herself dumped from someone's guest list there, it is not the same as getting herself iced out in New York or Chicago (

  • ice
    expr. ice up, to fill up with ice; take on a coating of ice.
    Ex. Ice formed on the windshield and most of the instruments iced up, and a heavy hailstorm buffeted the plane (London Times).

  • ice
    expr. on ice,
    a. in reserve; out of sight, consideration, or activity.
    Ex. The French rejection of the treaty caused it to be laid on ice (London Times).
    b. safely assured.
    Ex. The home team had the game on ice.

  • ice
    expr. on thin ice, in a dangerous, vulnerable, or difficult position.
    Ex. on the thin ice of debt (Ouida). This statement ... is also on very thin ice historically (New York Times).

  • ICE
    ICE(no periods),
    internal-combustion engine.

  • ice
    ice, noun, adjective, verb, iced,icing.

  • ice
    noun icer.

  • ice
    noun 1. water made solid by cold; frozen water.
    Ex. Snowflakes, frost, and glaciers are all ice (H. T. McDermott).
    2. a layer or surface of ice, as on a body of water.
    Ex. the Arctic ice.
    3. a frozen surface for ice-skating, cur

  • ice
    v.i. to freeze.

  • ice
    v.t. 1a. to make cool with ice; put ice in or around.
    Ex. to ice a drink.
    b. (Figurative.) to make cold as if with ice; deprive of warmth of feeling.
    2. to cover with ice.
    3. to turn to ice; freeze.
    (SYN) congeal.

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