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room in English

  • room
    expr. rooms, lodgings.
    Ex. He travelled ... to Islington, the locality of Mrs. Harper's latest ""rooms"" (Leonard Merrick).

  • room
    noun 1. a part of a house, or other building, with walls separating it from the rest of the building of which it is a part.
    Ex. a dining room, a room in a school.
    2. the people in a room.
    Ex. The whole room laughed. The room applauded

  • room
    room, noun, verb.

  • room
    v.i. to occupy a room; live in a room; lodge.
    Ex. He rooms in the gray house. Three girls from our town roomed together at college.

  • room
    v.t. to provide with a room.
    Ex. The door's open, and if they couldn't room any more guests they'd pretty soon close up, I guess (Daily Telegraph).

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