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Cascade in Bengali বাংলা

Cascade in Kannada ಕನ್ನಡ

Cascade in Sindhi سنڌي

Cascade in Tamil தமிழ்

Cascade in English

  • cascade
    cascade, noun, verb, -caded,-cading.

  • cascade
    noun 1a. a small, steep waterfall.
    Ex. Cascades are often of great height.
    b. (Figurative.) a torrent.
    Ex. She burst into a cascade of words (New Yorker).
    2. anything like this:
    a. loose, descending folds of lace or simil

  • cascade
    v.i. to fall, pour, or flow in a cascade.
    Ex. The water cascaded off the roof in the thunderstorm. Many new buildings are girdled with safety nets to protect passers-by from cascading bricks and plaster (Time).

  • cascade
    v.t. to cause to fall, pour, or flow in a cascade:
    a. to pass through a series of similar pieces of apparatus.
    b. to arrange or connect (pieces of apparatus) so that one feeds into the next.

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