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plunge in Bengali বাংলা

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plunge in English

  • plunge
    expr. take the plunge, to plunge into a new course of action, in spite of fear, reluctance, or risk.
    Ex. Mr. Shonfield, brave man that he is, has taken the plunge and stated the fact in bald language (New Yorker).

  • plunge
    noun 1. the act of plunging.
    Ex. The fullback made a 2-yard plunge for a first down.
    2. a jump or thrust; dash.
    Ex. His plunge won the race.
    3. a dive into the water.
    4. a place for diving.

  • plunge
    plunge, verb, plunged,plunging,noun.

  • plunge
    v.i. 1. to throw oneself (into water, danger, a fight, or a condition).
    Ex. (Figurative.) to plunge into debt, to plunge feverishly into study. He plunged into the river and saved the boy.
    (SYN) leap, dive.
    2. to rush; dash.

  • plunge
    v.t. to throw or thrust with force into a liquid, place, or condition.
    Ex. Plunge your hand into the water. The farmer plunged his pitchfork into the hay. (Figurative.) The quarrel between the two nations plunged the world into war.
    (SYN) i

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