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rule in English

  • rule
    adj. rulable.

  • rule
    expr. as a rule, normally; generally; usually.
    Ex. As a rule it should not take more than an hour to reach areas of natural terrain from the center of a city (Saturday Review).

  • rule
    expr. out of rule, contrary to practice or custom.
    Ex. Miss Portman ... blushes for you ... when you propose that she, who is not yet a married woman, should chaperon a young lady. It is quite out of rule (Maria Edgeworth).

  • rule
    expr. rule in, to decide in favor of; include.
    Ex. Senator Richard Stone ... reported that an Administration witness before a Foreign Relations subcommittee ""ruled out substantial military bases, but ruled in lightly manned, local facilities"" (Ne

  • rule
    expr. rule out, to decide against; exclude.
    Ex. He did not rule out a possible camping trip this summer.

  • rule
    expr. rules, (British, Obsolete.)
    a. an area near a prison, where certain prisoners were permitted to live.
    Ex. He was permitted to live in the rules--consequently his punishment was merely nominal (The Examiner).
    b. the freedom of su

  • rule
    noun 1. a statement of what to do and not to do; principle governing conduct, action, or arrangement; law.
    Ex. the rules of a club, the rules of the road, the rules of grammar and spelling. Obey the rules of the game.
    (SYN) regulation, order

  • rule
    rule, noun, verb, ruled,ruling.

  • rule
    v.i. 1. to make a rule; decide.
    Ex. Their father ruled against television on school nights.
    2. to make a formal decision.
    Ex. The judge ruled against them.
    3. to exercise highest authority; control; govern; manage.
    Ex. The

  • rule
    v.t. 1. to declare (a rule): decide (something).
    Ex. The umpire ruled that the ball was foul.
    2. to decide formally.
    Ex. The judge ruled a mistrial.
    3. to exercise highest authority over; govern; control.
    Ex. the evil infl

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