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  • sum
    expr. in sum,
    a. in a few words; briefly.
    Ex. My meaning, in sum, is, that whereas ... (F. Hall).
    b. to conclude in a few words; in short.
    Ex. In sum, I seriously protest, that no man ever had ... a greater veneration for Chauce

  • sum
    expr. sum up,
    a. to reckon, count, or total.
    Ex. to sum up the advantages of the offer.
    b. to express or tell briefly; summarize; epitomize.
    Ex. to sum up the week's work. Sum up the main points of the lesson in three sentences.

  • sum
    noun 1. an amount of money.
    Ex. He paid the sum of $7 for a new hat.
    2. the number or quantity obtained by adding two or more numbers or quantities together; total.
    Ex. The sum of 2 and 3 and 4 is 9.
    3. a series of two or more n

  • sum
    sum, noun, verb, summed,summing.

  • sum
    v.i. to amount (to).
    Ex. How can the nine digits be placed in a square array to form eight intersecting sets of three digits ..., each summing to the same number? (Scientific American).

  • sum
    v.t. 1. to find the total number or amount of.
    Ex. Nature's true-born child, who sums his years (like me) with no arithmetic but tears (Henry King).
    2. to summarize; sum up.
    Ex. The phase ... may be summed in a word--Penitence (Charles

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