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  • type
    adj. 1. of, having to do with, or relating to a type.
    Ex. a type specimen, a type animal.
    2. for a type or types, especially printing types (collectively).
    Ex. type matter, type composition.
    3. using or dealing with printing typ

  • type
    noun 1. a kind, class, or group alike in some important way.
    Ex. three types of local government. Small pox of the most malignant type (Macaulay).
    2. kind; sort; order.
    Ex. I don't like that type of work.
    3. a person or thing ha

  • type
    type, noun, adjective, verb, typed,typing.

  • type
    v.i. to write with a typewriter; typewrite.

  • type
    v.t. 1. to write with a typewriter; typewrite.
    Ex. to type a letter asking for a job.
    2. to be the type or symbol of; symbolize; typify.
    3. to be the pattern or model for.
    4. to find out the type of; classify.
    Ex. to type

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