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mail in English

  • mail
    adj. mailless.

  • mail
    adj. 1. of or for mail.
    2. employed to carry the mail.

  • mail
    mail (1), noun, verb, adjective.

  • mail
    mail (2), noun, verb.

  • mail
    mail (3), noun.
    (Obsolete or Scottish.) payment; tax; rent.

  • mail
    noun 1. a flexible armor made of metal rings or small loops of chain linked together, or of overlapping plates, for protecting the body against the enemy's arrows or spears.
    2. any armor.
    3. the protective shell or scales of certain animals

  • mail
    noun 1. letters, postcards, papers, and parcels to be sent by post.
    Ex. The postman rested his sack of mail on the ledge under the mailbox.
    2. the system by which such mail is sent; post. It is managed in the United States by the U.S. Postal

  • mail
    v.t. to cover or protect with or as if with mail.

  • mail
    v.t. to send by mail; put in a mailbox; post.
    Ex. He mailed the letter for his mother.

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