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blue in English

  • blue
    adj. 1. having the color of the clear sky in daylight or any tone of this color.
    2. having a dull-bluish color; livid.
    Ex. His hands were blue from cold.
    3. (Figurative.) sad; discouraged; gloomy.
    Ex. I felt blue when I failed.

  • blue
    adv. bluely.

  • blue
    blue, noun, adjective, bluer,bluest,verb, blued,bluingorblueing.

  • blue
    expr. (the) blues. See under blues.

  • blue
    expr. into the blue, into the remote distance; out of sight and knowledge.
    Ex. to disappear into the blue.

  • blue
    expr. out of the blue, completely unexpectedly.
    Ex. Suddenly, out of the blue, two Deputies ... announced that they would switch their votes (Time).

  • blue
    expr. the blue and the gray, (in the U.S. Civil War) soldiers of the Union and Confederate armies respectively.
    Ex. Under the sod and the dew, ... Love and tears for the Blue, Tears and love for the Gray (Francis M. Finch).

  • blue
    expr. the blue,
    a. the sky.
    Ex. Lightning struck from the blue.
    b. the sea.
    Ex. Many ships sail the blue.

  • blue
    noun blueness.

  • blue
    noun 1. the color of the clear sky in daylight. Blue is one of the primary colors. It lies in the color spectrum between green and violet.
    2. a lighter or darker shade of this color.
    Ex. the dark blue of the Mediterranean Sea.
    3. some

  • blue
    v.t. 1. to make blue.
    2. to use bluing on.
    3. (British Slang.) to squander.
    Ex. His father blued the family fortunes (Punch).

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