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deuce in Marathi मराठी

deuce in Sindhi سنڌي

deuce in Urdu اُردُو

deuce in English

  • deuce
    deuce (1), noun, verb, deuced,deucing.

  • deuce
    deuce (2), interjection, noun.
    (Informal.) a mild oath or exclamation of annoyance; the dickens; the devil.
    Ex. Who the deuce is he?

  • deuce
    expr. deuce of a, (Informal.)
    a. exceptional; extraordinary.
    Ex. It was a deuce of a game.
    b. exceptionally.
    Ex. We had a deuce of a good time.

  • deuce
    noun 1. a playing card marked with a ?2.
    2. the side of a die having two spots.
    3. a dice throw of two aces (in craps, a losing point on first cast).
    4. (in a game of cards or dice) two.
    5. (Tennis.)
    a. a tie score at 4

  • deuce
    v.t. (Tennis.) to even the score of (a game or set) at deuce.

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