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  • egg
    adj. egglike.

  • egg
    egg (1), noun, verb.

  • egg
    egg (2), transitive verb.
    to urge or encourage (on).
    Ex. We egged the team on when it was behind.
    (SYN) incite.

  • egg
    expr. egg on one's face, humiliation.
    Ex. It is strange that these trends should coincide with the sudden splattering of egg on Uncle Sam's face in Madagascar (C. L. Sulzberger).

  • egg
    expr. have (or put) all one's eggs in one basket, to risk everything that one has on one chance.
    Ex. [She] admonishes against putting ""all our eggs in one basket--we don't want to lean too heavily upon the Eisenhower popularity"" (New York Times).

  • egg
    expr. lay an egg, (Slang.) to fail utterly; flop.
    Ex. What if ""The Big Show"" laid an egg? Worse yet, what if I laid an egg in ""The Big Show""? (Tallulah Bankhead).

  • egg
    expr. walk on eggs, to act with extreme caution.
    Ex. The agency has lost all the excitement and sense of purpose ... and everybody there is walking on eggs (Atlantic).

  • egg
    noun 1. a round or oval body that is laid by the female of birds, insects, many reptiles, amphibians, fishes, and other animals that do not bring forth living young. An egg is covered with a shell or membrane. Young animals hatch from these eggs.

  • egg
    v.i. 1. to prepare (food) with eggs.
    2. to hit with (rotten) eggs.

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