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false in English

  • false
    adj. 1. not true; not correct; wrong.
    Ex. false statements.
    (SYN) erroneous, mistaken, incorrect.
    2. not truthful; lying.
    Ex. a false witness, a false accusation.
    (SYN) untruthful, mendacious.
    3. not loyal; not fai

  • false
    adv. falsely.

  • false
    adv. in a false manner; improperly; wrongly.
    Ex. to interpret something false, to judge a person false.

  • false
    expr. play (one) false, to deceive, cheat, trick, or betray.
    Ex. His memory played him false when he grew old. They had their fears that Lewis might be playing false (Macaulay).

  • false
    false, adjective, falser,falsest,adverb, verb, falsed,falsing.

  • false
    noun falseness.

  • false
    v.t. (Obsolete.)1. to make false; corrupt; falsify.
    2. to counterfeit; forge.
    3. to prove false to.

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