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proportion in English

  • proportion
    expr. proportions,
    a. size; extent.
    Ex. He left an art collection of considerable proportions.
    b. dimensions.
    Ex. He has the proportions of a dwarf.

  • proportion
    noun proportioner.

  • proportion
    noun 1. the relation of two things in size, number, amount, or degree.
    Ex. Each girl's pay will be in proportion to the work she does. Mix water and orange juice in the proportions of three to one by taking three measures of water to every measure

  • proportion
    proportion, noun, verb.

  • proportion
    v.t. 1. to fit (one thing to another) so that they go together suitably.
    Ex. The designs in that rug are well proportioned.
    2. to adjust in proper proportion or relation.
    Ex. The punishment was proportioned to the crime.

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