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sharp in English

  • sharp
    adj. 1. having a thin cutting edge or a fine point.
    Ex. a sharp knife, a sharp pin, a sharp pencil.
    2. having or coming to a point; not rounded.
    Ex. a sharp nose, a sharp corner on a box.
    (SYN) angular, pointed.
    3. with a

  • sharp
    adv. sharply.

  • sharp
    adv. 1. promptly; exactly.
    Ex. Come at one o'clock sharp.
    2. in a sharp manner; in an alert manner; keenly.
    Ex. Look sharp!
    3. suddenly; abruptly.
    Ex. to pull a horse up sharp.
    4. (Music.) above the true pitch.

  • sharp
    expr. sharps,
    a. the hard part of grain, requiring a second grinding.
    Ex. These sharps were ground a second time, ... and the produce was 46 lb. of ... barley (Farmer's Magazine).
    b. long needles with very sharp points.
    Ex. The

  • sharp
    noun sharpness.

  • sharp
    noun 1. (Music.)
    a. a tone one half step above natural pitch.
    b. the sign that shows this.
    2. a swindler; sharper.
    Ex. ... chiseling tactics on the part of back-alley sharps (Wall Street Journal).
    3. (Informal.) an exper

  • sharp
    sharp, adjective, adverb, noun, verb.

  • sharp
    v.i. (Music.) to sound a note above the true pitch.

  • sharp
    v.t. (Music.) to raise (a note) in pitch, especially by one half step.

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