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  • study
    expr. studies, a person's work as a student.
    Ex. to return to one's studies after a vacation.

  • study
    noun 1. the effort to learn by reading or thinking.
    Ex. After an hour's hard study he knew his lesson. Study to him was pleasure and delight (George Crabbe).
    2. a careful examination; investigation.
    Ex. to make a study of a case at law

  • study
    study, noun, pl.studies,verb,studied,studying.

  • study
    v.i. 1. to try to learn or gain knowledge by means of books, observation, or experiment.
    Ex. He is studying to be a doctor.
    2. to be a student.
    Ex. to study for a master's degree, to study under a famous musician.
    3. to think in

  • study
    v.t. 1. to try to learn by oneself or in school.
    Ex. to study the rules of a game or contest, to study philosophy, to study law. She studied her spelling lesson for half an hour.
    2. to examine carefully or in detail; investigate.
    Ex. t

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