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twig in English

  • twig
    adj. twigless.

  • twig
    expr. twig on, to catch on; understand.
    Ex. to twig on to a fact or situation.

  • twig
    twig (1), noun.
    1. a slender shoot of a tree or other plant; very small branch.
    Ex. Dry twigs are good to start a fire with.
    2. a small branching division of a blood vessel or nerve.

  • twig
    twig (2), verb, twigged,twigging.
    (British Informal.)

  • twig
    twig (3), noun.
    (Obsolete.) style; fashion.

  • twig
    v.i. to understand.

  • twig
    v.t. 1. to understand; comprehend.
    2. to look at; watch.
    3. to perceive; discern.

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