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up in Urdu اُردُو

up in English

  • up
    adj. 1. advanced; forward.
    2. going or pointed upward.
    Ex. an up trend.
    3. above the ground or horizon.
    Ex. The sun is up. The wheat is up.
    4. out of bed.
    Ex. On Christmas morning the children were up at dawn.

  • up
    adv. 1. from a lower to a higher place or condition; to, toward, or near the top.
    Ex. The bird flew up.
    2. in a higher place or condition; on or at a higher level.
    Ex. We stayed up in the mountains several days.
    3. from a smalle

  • up
    expr. on the up and up,
    a. (Informal.) increasing; rising; improving.
    Ex. Attendances and sales at recent exhibitions of the Royal Academy have been on the up and up (London Times).
    b. (Slang.) honest; legitimate.
    Ex. ""All my b

  • up
    expr. up against, (Informal.) facing as a thing to be dealt with.
    Ex. First, we are up against a dynamic opponent whose strident anti-Americanism will not soon die away (New Yorker).

  • up
    expr. up and doing, busy; active.
    Ex. If the Labor party's supporters had been up and doing, the party's losses would not have been so great (New York Times).

  • up
    expr. up and down, here and there; at various points; in many or different places throughout an area.
    Ex. There are many fine examples of reinforced concrete storage bunkers up and down the country (London Times).

  • up
    expr. up for,
    a. a candidate for.
    Ex. to be up for senator, be up for reelection.
    b. on trial in a court of law for.
    Ex. He is up for robbery.

  • up
    expr. up to,
    a. as far or as high as.
    Ex. up to one's elbows in work.
    b. till; until.
    Ex. up to the present day.
    c. reaching the limit of; fulfilling.
    Ex. work not up to expectations.
    d. doing; about to do.

  • up
    noun 1. an upward movement, course, or slope.
    2. a piece of good luck.
    3. (U.S. Slang.) upper (def. 3).

  • up
    prep. 1. to a higher place on or at a higher place in.
    Ex. The cat ran up the tree.
    2. to, toward, or near the top of.
    Ex. They climbed up a hill.
    3. along; through.
    Ex. She walked up the street.
    4. toward or in the

  • UP
    UP(no periods)orU.P.
    (formerly) United Press. Now, UPI (no periods).

  • up
    up, adverb, preposition, adjective, noun, verb, upped,upping.

  • up
    v.t. to put up.
    Ex. They upped the price of eggs.

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