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blanch in Sindhi سنڌي

blanch in English

  • blanch
    adj. (Heraldry.) white; argent.

  • blanch
    blanch (1), verb, adjective.

  • blanch
    blanch (2), transitive verb.
    to turn aside; turn back.

  • blanch
    expr. blanch over, (British.) to present in a flattering light; whitewash.
    Ex. ... howsoever you mince it and blanch it over (Arthur Dent).

  • blanch
    v.i. to turn white; become pale; lose color.
    Ex. The boy blanched with fear when he saw the bear coming.

  • blanch
    v.t. 1. to make white; bleach.
    Ex. The cook blanched some almonds by soaking off their skins in boiling water. After we blanched the dirty old pennies in acid, they shone like new. Old age blanched his hair.
    2. to make pale (especially with

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