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  • form
    (suffix forming adjectives.)
    1. having the form of ______.
    Ex. Cruciform = having the form of a cross.
    2. having ______ form or forms.
    Ex. Multiform = having many forms.

  • form
    adj. formable.

  • form
    expr. bad form, behavior contrary to accepted customs.
    Ex. It is considered bad form to be a poor loser.

  • form
    expr. good form, behavior in accordance with accepted customs.
    Ex. It is good form to thank your hostess when leaving.

  • form
    form, noun, verb.

  • form
    noun 1. appearance apart from color or materials; shape.
    Ex. The pupils learned that circles and triangles are simple forms.
    2. shape of body; body of a person or animal, considered with regard to its shape or external appearance.

  • form
    v.i. 1. to be formed; take shape.
    Ex. Clouds form in the sky. Ice formed in the pail.
    2. to assume a certain form.
    Ex. The dancers formed into three groups.
    3. to come into existence.

  • form
    v.t. 1. to give shape to; make in a certain form.
    Ex. Bakers form dough into loaves.
    (SYN) fashion.
    2. to become.
    Ex. Water forms ice when it freezes.
    3. to make up; compose.
    Ex. Parents and children form a family.

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