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  • crown
    adj. of a crown or the Crown; having to do with a crown; or the Crown.

  • crown
    crown, noun, verb, adjective.

  • crown
    expr. the Crown,
    a. royal power; the supreme governing power in a monarchy.
    Ex. The Crown granted lands in colonial America to William Penn. The assertion of passive obedience to the Crown grew obnoxious to the Crown itself (Henry Hallam).

  • crown
    noun 1. a head covering, usually of precious metal and jewels, worn by a king or queen; diadem.
    Ex. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown (Shakespeare).
    2. (Figurative.) the power and authority of a king or queen; royal power.
    Ex. Cr

  • crown
    v.t. 1. to make king or queen.
    Ex. The prince was crowned in London.
    2. (Figurative.) to honor; reward.
    Ex. His hard work was crowned with success.
    3. to be on top of; cover the highest part of.
    Ex. A fort crowns the hill.

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