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drab in Telugu తెలుగు

drab in English

  • drab
    adj. 1. lacking brightness or color; not attractive; dull.
    Ex. the drab houses of the smoky mining town. (Figurative.) The life of a person who never does anything is dull and drab.
    (SYN) monotonous, unattractive.
    2. dull brownish- or

  • drab
    adv. drably.

  • drab
    drab (1), adjective, drabber,drabbest,noun, verb,drabbed,drabbing.

  • drab
    drab (2), noun, verb, drabbed,drabbing.

  • drab
    drab (3), noun.
    a small amount, quantity, or sum.

  • drab
    expr. in dribs and drabs. See under drib.

  • drab
    noun drabness.

  • drab
    noun 1. a dirty, untidy woman.
    (SYN) slut, slattern.
    2. prostitute.
    (SYN) harlot, strumpet.

  • drab
    noun 1. a dull, brownish gray or yellowish gray.
    2. a cloth of natural or undyed color.

  • drab
    v.i. to associate with prostitutes.

  • drab
    v.t. 1. to treat (hair, especially after bleaching) so as to remove excess color or glare.
    2. to cause (a person) to look drab.

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