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  • house
    adj. houselike.

  • house
    expr. bring down the house, (Informal.) to be loudly applauded.
    Ex. One can see that this programme might deservedly have brought down the house in a college hall, but it is not well enough organised to justify transplantation (Punch).

  • house
    expr. clean house,
    a. to clean a house or apartment and its furnishings.
    Ex. She cleaned house in the early morning.
    b. (Figurative.) to get rid of bad conditions in an institution, organization, or business, by putting it in order an

  • house
    expr. keep house, to manage a home and its affairs; do housework.
    Ex. In this the children play'd at keeping house (Tennyson).

  • house
    expr. on the house, paid for by the owner of the business; free.
    Ex. What d'ya mean treat them? You mean on the house? (New Yorker).

  • house
    expr. put (or set) one's house in order, to arrange one's affairs in good order.
    Ex. The Prussians, after the disaster of Jena in 1807, had set to work to put their house in order (H. G. Wells).

  • house
    expr. the House,
    a. the House of Representatives.
    b. the House of Commons.
    c. the House of Lords.

  • house
    house (1), noun, pl.houses
    (v.,) housed, housing.

  • house
    house (2), noun, verb, housed,housing.

  • house
    noun housing (2).

  • house
    noun 1. a building in which people live, especially a building that is the ordinary dwelling place of a family.
    Ex. Our house has six rooms and is next door to the drugstore.
    2. the place in which an animal lives or into which it retires, su

  • house
    v.i. to dwell or take shelter.
    Ex. He wends unfollow'd, he must house alone (Matthew Arnold).

  • house
    v.t. to equip (a horse, etc.) with a housing (2).

  • house
    v.t. 1. to take or put into a house; provide with a house; shelter.
    Ex. Where can we house all these children? A big influx of workers is expected and they will have to be housed, educated, protected (Newsweek).
    2. to keep or store in a hous

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